The Scamper Squad

The Scamper SquadI absolutely LOVE dogs, and have been obsessed with them since I was eight years old. I’ve been so blessed to have had many wonderful companions (and fosters too!) over the years. Currently ruling the roost around here is the SCAMPER SQUAD, made up of Lela Mae (Chow mix) and LUKE JOSEPH (American Foxhound mix).

Lela -Studio Manager 

Lela came up to the cold, snowy north from the Mary Ann Morris Society in South Carolina. She frequently keeps me company in the studio and oversees the production of my work. She enjoys hiking, wrasslin’ with Joey, and hunting for chipmunks, groundhogs and shrews. She has a beautiful purple tongue (legend has it that purple-tongued dogs ward off evil spirits!) and her favorite food is salami and deli meats.

Joey -The 4 Legged Vacuum Cleaner

Joey was passed over time and time again at a gassing shelter down south, until his time was about up and I agreed (sucker) to take him in as a foster. I had no desire for a scenthound of any kind –especially a pigeon-toed American Foxhound with cross-eyes—but Lela fell in love with him and they became BFFs. The rest is history. Joey loves running in the yard, wrasslin’ with Lela, going for walks and car rides, eating anything/everything he can get his mouth on and BARKING! We are just smitten with him!